Blind interview

I have a job interview today. I’m hopeful. They reached out to me through a professional blog that’s part resume, part portfolio, and where I talked about how I do my job blind. Here’s to hoping that reduces the usual white cane shock factor. It’s a bit of a trek so it will be an Uber to train to Uber to interview type morning . . . and it’s about time for me to get moving.

Wish me luck and remember to take time to enjoy the day.

Blindly getting back to basics

Much like my activities today, my thoughts this evening are all over the place . . . and if I keep allowing myself to use that as an excuse I’ll never write anything. So, today’s post is a scattershot of the day’s thoughts

Writer’s logjam

Trying to develop the habit of writing is proving very difficult for me. My problem seems the opposite of writer’s block. Instead of having too little to say I have much to much . . . so much it is quite tangled and all over the place. I don’t know if writer’s logjam is really a thing but that describes what’s happening quite well.

I have decided to approach it like I would a disorganized mass of cables in a data center, server room, or comm closet. Start with the easy to reach loose bits around the edges and slowly work my way into the worst of the tangle over time. With enough discipline and patience I usually get there in the end. Let’s see if it works as well for writing as it does for cables.

Backup, backup, backup

Today I had the chance to get a bit of practice with PowerShell. The GUI interface of the backup software I’ve changed over to is pretty screen reader hostile but it is fully functional from the command-line. This gave me the chance to write some PowerShell wrappers to help with automation on my Windows machines. I’ll repeat the process with Python over the next couple of days then probably call that one done for a while.

Getting stronger

I can walk 2 miles now . . . and for me, this is a huge feat.

For a lot of reasons I had been in poor physical condition until recently. Being able to start this fitness push in the first place was a hug milestone. From here on it’s all about not letting this opportunity go to waste.

Fortunately, exercising is proving easier to get myself to do than writing.

Today’s end

I’ve pulled the easy to reach cord I can for now so I’ll call today’s writing done here. Anything more and I risk getting tangled back up and nothing out again. I’ll work on untangling a few more tomorrow.

Remember to take time out to enjoy the day.

Blindly Exercising

Since it would not longer be wise to drive I have a lot of walking to look forward to. Unfortunately I have been very negligent when it comes to physical fitness over the course of my adult life…even more so over the past 3.5 years following a major accident back when I thought I could still see, It is long past time for me to get in shape.

The past week has been all about increasing my food and water intake to support the increased activity. Tomorrow morning I start strengthening my body.

Wish me luck